From humble beginnings in 2005

We offered you car loans then, mortgages and investments now

Millbrook commenced business in Melbourne, in 2005, offering car loans for clients that where experiencing difficulty in obtaining finance. After several years, we changed tack and started providing short term loans on property for borrowers that were struggling to get what they wanted from the existing providers. Our business has continually grown and we have helped many many clients when they have had a short-term need for additional funding.

In 2017, we purchased a Melbourne-based Mortgage Fund (Millbrook Mortgage Fund)  enabling us to provide First Mortgages to clients who have a temporary need for funding; we are also able to offer Investors investment opportunities

Millbrook Group sees a great opportunity to provide finance when other will not, with tightening banking regulation. The opportunity is vast and we look forward to growing our loan book and investor base.