Short-term lending and investing, on your terms

Millbrook offers straightforward finance and investment opportunities when others do not.

We’re a traditional finance company

Experience and a personal touch

Millbrook Finance is a Melbourne-based finance company providing short-term finance, for 6–24 months, where property is available for security. We generally lend by way of a second mortgage over property, and will do a caveat lend for smaller loan amounts. We undertake all lending in Victoria, predominantly in Melbourne. We lend to builders, investors, developers, business owners, and other businesses or individuals requiring finance for business purposes.

Being smaller than the trading banks, we have lending officers who can take the time to understand your particular financial situation and customise our services to your personal requirements.

We welcome direct enquiries from the public. It’s easy to apply for finance, and our friendly lenders are available to answer any questions you may have.

We want to help make your dreams a reality

Flexible and accommodating

Having problems with your bank? Additional funding needed for a project? Run out of money on a development? Want to release equity in an existing property? Need a short term loan for a deposit on a new property? Been declined by a bank for an advance or an increase in your loan? We provide a fast and friendly, no valuations required or long winded application process you’ll love. We’ll make sure you deal directly with the decision maker.

Our lending criteria →

Sophisticated investment opportunities

Monthly income stream

Millbrook Finance offers investment opportunities for sophisticated investors who are prepared to invest $500,000.

Terms range from 2–4 years with interest rates of 10%.

To enquire, please contact David Lyall:
+61 3 8663 1800

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6–24 month loans

Millbrook Finance provides funds for short periods where there is a temporary need for additional moneys. The terms are usually 6–12 months but the facility is generally rolled-over for another period at the conclusion of the initial term.

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Lending rates from 18–25% pa

Because our security is normally a second mortgage and we rank behind the bank, we charge higher rates of interest. The interest rate will depend on the loan size and security offered.

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$100,000–$1 million loans

We are flexible on the loan size. Loans generally range from $100,000–$1 million; on occasion, we will advance greater sums.