The finer details

Millbrook Group is a specialist non-bank lender of short-term finance and first mortgages, also providing investment opportunities.

Property Finance

Buying a property that needs renovating? Need short-term finance to develop a property to sell? Require additional funds to complete the purchase of a property?

Millbrook Finance can provide second mortgages on residential or commercial properties for short-term finance, up to $1m. Typical terms for loans are 6–24 months with repayment options of interest only or capitalised interest.

Call (03) 8663 1800 to speak to a Lending Officer.

Bridging Finance

Found the house of your dreams, but haven’t sold your old one yet?

Millbrook Finance can help you make the move and bridge any short-term financial gap. Millbrook Finance provides second mortgages on property up to $1m, for a maximum term of 24 months.

Note: Funds can only be provided for a business purpose.


Third-party Application Forms accepted

Millbrook Finance operates closely with lending brokers throughout Australia. For your convenience, we will accept applications on any form providing it contains all the normal information required, and pay brokerage fees when clients draw down funds. 

Note: We are only interested in lending in Victoria.