The finer details

Millbrook caters to new home buyers and investors looking to make their dreams a reality.

Loan to Value Ratios (LVRs)

While the LVR we consider ultimately depends on the quality of the borrower and security our usual maximum advances are:

Acceptable Properties

Properties must be readily saleable and not be geographically remote from a major population centre, or contain specialised improvements that would limit their market in the event of resale. We do not lend against the value of development approvals, growing crops (vines, orchards, timber plantations, etc.), or specialised securities such as boarding houses, aged care centres or commercial property developments etc.

We do not provide finance for property development.

Financial Statements

In the case of loans regulated by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (i.e. those for non-business purpose), applicants must provide evidence of their ability to service their commitments. For unregulated loans applicants need only satisfy Millbrook that they have an appropriate cash flow. Where the proposed security has been listed for sale and the estimated sale proceeds are considered sufficient to discharge the proposed loan we would generally regard the applicants as having serviceability, regardless of their financial situation.


First mortgage repayments are interest only. First mortgage interest rates start from 8.5%.

Establishment fee of 1.25% of the loan amount for first mortgage loans (minimum $1,500) plus legal and valuation costs. In the event the loan is repaid prior to maturity break costs may apply.

To Apply

Please contact David Lyall
+61 3 8663 1800

Applicants will be asked to supply evidence of their income; i.e. most recent tax return, financial statements, group certificates or pay slips. Providing we are satisfied you have the capacity to service your commitments we can approve loans on less detailed financial information, and if for some reason detailed financial information is not available, please contact our office to discuss.

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